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I’ve noticed that not all you have not yet signed up for the Virtual Island Summit 2020!

That can only mean that you need more information about the event, and so I wanted to help answer some of the most frequently asked questions we have received so far…

There are new speakers and sessions being added on a daily basis so don’t forget to check back to the website regularly for the latest information. And now to your questions…

Q: Is the Virtual Island Summit 2020 free to attend?
A: Yes! Tickets are free of charge to encourage maximum accessibility and a wide range of participants. We encourage you to register early to get additional opportunities and networking.

Q: Why should I attend the Virtual Island Summit?
A: The Virtual Island Summit is the first of its kind event, that worked virtually before many events were forced to in 2020. This means we are a leader on virtual facilitation and work hard to ensure we have cutting-edge networking and engagement opportunities, with the advantage of a truly global audience with participants from almost every country in the world. By being entirely virtual, we involve all of the partners needed to drive sustainability and prosperity for island communities, from Prime Ministers and Presidents to the local islanders doing their part to make the world a better place. We make these important conversations accessible to all with a platform to share knowledge and drive change.

Q: What are the key topics for this year?
A: We include all angles of sustainable development for islands. Traditionally, climate change has been an important part of the conversation, and this year recovery from the global shutdown will also be a priority. Topics covered include education, renewable energy, transport, healthcare, blue economy, good governance, youth engagement and more. There are also sessions in Spanish and French with interpretation into English. See a full list of sessions in the Virtual Island Summit 2020 agenda.

Q: Do I have to attend all sessions? What happens if I’m not able to join the live event?
A: We know that you are busy and with over 30 sessions we don’t expect that you’ll attend all of them! We encourage you to attend live sessions to benefit from engaging with other participants, but everyone who signs up will also be provided with access to the recordings after the event. You can simply join one or two of the most relevant live sessions, but equally, you are welcome to attend every single one. Additionally, everyone who is signed up will be able to network with other attendees through our advanced digital platform.

Q: Can I join if I don’t live on an island or work in sustainability?
A: All are welcome to participate in the Virtual Island Summit 2020. Many of the island solutions being showcased at this event are applicable to other areas and we can all benefit from a wide range of representatives from different sectors such as business, government, civil society and academia. Please don’t hesitate to sign up and participate.

If any of your questions were not answered, please feel free to reply to this email directly. I look forward to seeing you at the Virtual Island Summit 2020!

Best regards,

James Ellsmoor
Director, Island Innovation

Island Experts: Join 100+ speakers including policymakers, entrepreneurs, utility representatives, academics and NGO leaders will share their expertise and knowledge on island communities. Speakers include:

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VIRTUAL ISLAND SUMMIT 2020 Free Registration

Register now to attend the various online events taking place 7-13th September 2020.

Registration is FREE, but spaces are limited, so reserve your spot now!

Can’t make the live event dates? No worries! Register for the event, and we’ll send you the replay link after the event. If you can attend live, you will be given the opportunity to ask questions to speakers and interact with other guests.

Please complete your registration today to ensure you get the latest updates, access to the live sessions and copies of the recordings!

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