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🏝️ #IFF2021: Island Investment for Sustainable Development

By April 6, 2021No Comments

Next week we’ll kick-off the Island Finance Forum. We are very excited to have close to 4,000 registrations so far and we don’t want anyone to miss the opportunity to attend any of the live sessions. We have amazing speakers and remarkable panels in our lineup and we will talk about this event in-depth in this week’s Insights video.

Did you know? The Island Finance Forum brings together senior financiers, development partners and regulators to share and exchange expertise on sustainable and inclusive financial structures in island communities. The Forum aims to highlight the unique financial challenges faced by global island communities and the solutions for sustainable economic recovery and inclusive growth in a post-pandemic world.

This virtual event will be accessible to attendees from across the globe in a variety of interactive sessions, including networking opportunities to meet and exchange ideas face to face or in small groups. Attendees can choose which of the topics and sessions they actively participate in and after the event, many will also watch and comment on the session recordings.

Besides our fantastic panel sessions, we will host daily Networking Sessions, so don’t miss this amazing opportunity to connect with stakeholders from around the globe!

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