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Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Thank you for taking the time to consider submitting an article to Island Innovation.

Each month, tens of thousands of readers from around the world visit our site in search of news, solutions and inspiration related to the goal of creating more sustainable, successful and resilient islands. Sharing your thoughts, experiences and own research into how we can all work towards supporting stronger island communities globally is a great way to help others, build connections and strengthen your personal brand and status as a thought leader in this field.

What do we look for?

When we consider guest submissions to our site here are the features most important to us:

Distinctive message:

Before beginning to write your article, search the site for the topic you’re interested in, so that you will know how to make your piece unique. Please don’t submit a slightly tweaked older article you already submitted to another site, with only a few minor changes; we are looking for original content that is the writer’s own work (in full). If you are trying to illustrate a point using examples, please also avoid mentioning just one company, instead use a number of different examples of brands i.e. avoid writing an article that reads like a promotional press release for one company.

Strong content:

We’re looking for interesting, engaging, inspirational content that stands out and grabs the reader’s attention. It should ideally have 3-10 strong takeaway tips or pieces of information.

Information island nations can use:

Your article should include practical tips that can be put into practice by people living in island communities to improve their lives. We’re not looking for simplistic points such as “Island nations should switch to renewable energy” or “Island nations need to become more sustainable”. Our readers are sophisticated individuals across the world looking to make a positive difference in their communities. 

If a financial relationship exists with any companies/individuals you write about or link to, you must acknowledge this in your post:

This one is a must and if you don’t do this then we won’t accept your article and you probably won’t be allowed to write for us again.

No paid links or mentions:

This is another serious violation of our standards and will result in your article being rejected. If you would like to discuss advertising on our site then please contact us directly to discuss options.

Trustworthy resources:

We want our guest blog posts to be as trustworthy and reliable as possible, so you must embed links to original sources of information (studies, stats etc.)

Correct length:

Typically pieces are approximately 700-1000 words in length.


Guest contributors should be conscious of representing the diversity found in the global development community and across islands worldwide. 


We generally only accept articles that are exclusive to the Island Innovation platform. Plagiarism will result in removal from the site. 

Appropriate sourcing:

This means that quotes should be attributed to a source and all statistics should be hyperlinked. 

Other items related to your topic:

Academic/think tank studies, data points, quotes, anecdotes; these must all be sourced or linked to their source. We don’t want to have to spend time searching the web for your sources, please. 

No self-promotion:

Writing an article for Island Innovation is a way for you to help reach a global audience and significantly boost your standing as a thought-leader and expert. They are absolutely not a place for you to promote your company or services you provide. 

Proofreading and spell-check the document:

We are looking for quality written articles, so make sure they are not in bad shape before you send them to us, or they will be rejected.

Factual accuracy:

Make sure to check the correct spellings of individual, company or institution names. Use several sources to confirm facts.

An absence of formatting:

We have our own style of publishing blog posts on our website, so before submitting your article remove all formatting such as bolded text, italic, all-caps words etc. 

Lead time:

Please expect 1 to 2 weeks before your article gets evaluated. However, if an article is timely you should mark that clearly in your submission.

How to Submit Your Article

Before submitting your full article, please send us an email using the contact form at the end of this page, with a brief summary of the article you would like to submit. This will help us to decide whether your article idea will be a good fit for the Island Innovation blog and will help save you time, in case we feel your article isn’t right for our website. Once we have received your article idea, one of our team members will aim to reply to you within 7 days using their company email address if your article is a good fit for Island Innovation.

  • If we decide that your article is a topic that fits well with the Island Innovation brand, then the next step will be to write the article in full and email it back to our team member.
  • Articles for consideration should arrive by email clearly labelled ‘SUBMISSION’ in the subject header.
  • Articles attached in the email should be either written in Microsoft Word or Google Docs file formats.
  • Please attach one photo (either your own or a copyright free stock image), with the file name “Header Image”, that we can use as a header image in the post. If there are additional photos you would like to appear in your article, such as graphs or diagrams related to the text, number and name the file, add the corresponding number and name in the text where they should appear and attach them to the email.
  • At Island Innovation we are also keen to offer the best possible exposure for our writers, through connecting our readers and writers, so we kindly ask you to provide a brief biography (2-3 lines) and links(s) such as an email address, personal website and/or LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. This will allow any readers keen to engage with you after reading your article to be able to reach out and tag you if they share your post on social media.
  • All articles should be written in English with good punctuation.

Editorial Judgement

Island Innovation reserves the right to edit all content submitted for publication, including formatting, headlines, grammar and length.

We reserve the right to reject any content for any reason.

We are not in a position to publish every article and therefore should writers not hear from us within 7 working days they should assume they have not been successful on that occasion. This does not mean you won’t be successful in the future though and we welcome other submissions from those who’s articles may not have been chosen. We very much appreciate the time and effort it takes to write and submit an article

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