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9 May 2021 ESG investing – why it is positive for both investors and the planet

7 October 2020 A Pacific success story: the Micronesia Challenge reaches 2020 milestone year

29 September 2020 Fiji’s Tourism Workers Turn to Farming and Fishing As COVID-19 Ravages the Industry

24 September 2020 EarthFund Announces International Launch With Global Green on a 10 Year Climate Mission

23 September 2020 Create a climate for change

18 September 2020 In COVID-19 response, make climate change priority

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16 September 2020 PM: Island nations must stand together

16 September 2020 ‘The ocean connects us all’

16 September 2020 Caribbean climate change experts restate that regional food security is in danger

15 September 2020 Islands Responses to #Covid – the advantages of being small

14 September 2020 COVID cooperation points to Cayman’s post-Brexit relationship with UK

13 September 2020 Caribbean climate experts warn of dire effects of climate change

11 September 2020 Ellen : “The Tesla of the Sea”

11 September 2020 Former Tuvalu PM hits out at US and Australian climate inaction

11 September 2020 Cayman to participate in tomorrow’s Virtual Island Summit

10 September 2020 Climate Change & Covid – Challenges & Collaboration

10 September 2020 Representatives from 500+ islands gather for a virtual summit

9 September 2020 Pacific Islands facing a dual crisis: PM

9 September 2020 Promoting the COVID-19 needs of small island states an ‘uphill battle’

9 September 2020 Virtual summit connects Islanders on a global scale

8 September 2020 Fijian PM urges island nations to work together to fight climate change, contagion

7 September 2020 Opportunity for Millport residents

7 September 2020 Representatives from over 500 islands gather for virtual summit

6 September 2020 Weldon Wade To Speak At Virtual Island Summit

5 September 2020 Islanders share experiences and strategies for COVID-19 recovery

5 September 2020 Global Islands To Gather For Virtual Summit 

4 September 2020 How To Achieve Sustainable Island Economies

3 September 2020 Post-pandemic opportunity to reshape island economies

2 September 2020 Representatives from 500+ islands gather for virtual summit

2 September 2020 Falklands and St Helena will be participating in the Virtual Island Summit

31 August 2020 Virtual Summit To Discuss Island Sustainability

30 August 2020 Post-Pandemic Opportunity To Reshape Island Economies

29 August 2020 Coronavirus recession risks ‘long-term impact’ to lockdown environment benefits

28 August 2020 Challenges for Irish Island Economies the Focus of Free Webinar Next Week

28 August 2020 Boris Johnson’s perfect opportunity to position UK as ‘global centre’ for renewable energy

26 August 2020 India ‘strategically investing’ in islands to match China’s influence as tension rise

26 August 2020 Coronavirus travel revolution: New generation of island workers to ditch typical holidays

24 August 2020 Sustainability Is Not An Option, It’s An Imperative, Anil Srivastava, Virtual Island Summit

19 August 2020 Islands showed great resilience amid COVID-19 – but the future is challenging 

9 August 2020 Malta to host Virtual Island Summit

27 July 2020 Academic from the Islands and Small States Institute appointed Virtual Island Summit 2020 Ambassador

15 July 2020 The Virtual Island Summit 2020 Featured In World Renowned Nature Journal

9 July 2020 Island Innovation – Virtual Island Summit 2020

7 July 2020 Virtual Global Summit on Islands to Discuss Common Challenges

3 July 2020 How Can Islands Build a Sustainable Future? Interview with James Ellsmoor

2 July 2020 How Can Islands Build a Sustainable Future? Interview with James Ellsmoor

1 July 2020 Innovating Island Sustainability with James Ellsmoor

24 June 2020 Virtual Island Summit: Ireland to Connect with 10,000 Islanders Worldwide

23 June 2020 Ireland’s Islanders Connect with 10,000 Global Islanders, Visland Summit, 7-13th September

4 June 2020 Island Innovation, An International Social Enterprise, Has Announced This Year’s 140 Virtual Island Summit Ambassadors, A Network Of Islanders From Across The Globe.

1 June 2020 This Man is an Island – And What They Can Teach Us, ft. James Ellsmoor

1 June 2020 S1E8 | Islands and James Ellsmoor

29 May 2020 Gov’t sees opportunities in agriculture after COVID-19

22 May 2020 More Jamaicans seeing doctors online during pandemic

21 May 2020 COVID grants net 10,000 new bank accounts for First Global

20 May 2020 The economic future of Jamaica: Life after COVID-19 

13 May 2020 Webinar to tackle impact of COVID-19 on island communities

9 May 2020 Managing Director of MITDC participates in the international webinar organised by Island Innovation

9 May 2020 MITDC Managing Director Participates In International Webinar Organized by Island Innovation

5 May 2020 Responding to COVID-19 in Islands

5 May 2020 Veta Wade Selected as Montserrat’s Island Innovation Ambassador for the Virtual Island Summit 2020

May 2020 Webinar – COVID 19: A Global Island Response

16 April 2020 Dominica determined to become world’s first climate-resilient nation

30 March 2020 Podcast! The 3-1-3 Challenge with Ryan Foland: James Ellsmoor

January 2020 James Ellsmoor Island Innovation Helps Island States’ Sustainable Development -Graeme Kemlo

2020 James Ellsmoor – Island Innovation

6 November 2019 Review From First Virtual Island Summit 2019

31 October 2019 First ever Virtual Island Summit

16 October 2019 Island nations hold climate-friendly summit without travel

15 October 2019 The Virtual Island Summit: Did it work?

6 October 2019 James Ellsmoor – digital island nomad

4 October 2019 The Virtual Island Summit: Connecting Islands to Build Sustainable Communities

3 October 2019 Leclanché Joins First Virtual Island Summit in Support of Sharing Knowledge with Island Communities on Sustainable Energy

26 August 2019 (online & free) Virtual Island Summit – Sustainable Dev’t for Island States, 6-10 Oct 2019

21 March 2019 Leonard Kim Performs a Personal Brand Audit and Consultation with James Ellsmoor

27 March 2018 [Green Innovation] How Island Countries Drive Sustainable Innovation

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