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Expand your reach and grow sustainably
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Sustainability can be complex, we help you find the right path
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As passionate about innovative sustainability solutions as you are

We are a global media platform which offers unique insights into island sustainability.

The success of our social enterprise comes from our network and trusted relationship with key stakeholders from around the world. Island Innovation connects the private sector, NGOs, government, utilities and universities to help them develop and accelerate sustainability initiatives.











Through our consultancy services, we drive tangible results for organisations that develop projects or invest in remote, rural and island regions. Our guidance ranges from strategic advice to project coordination. We consistently achieve excellent results for our clients thanks to our highly experienced team who are skilled in digital communications and are experts in sustainability. 

Virtual events are the ideal way to promote sustainable development initiatives to a global audience. We are the only social enterprise to create bespoke events for sustainability organisations looking to connect with island and rural communities. Our flagship event, the Virtual Island Summit, is one of the world’s biggest online events for sustainable development. In 2020, we brought together over 10,000 island stakeholders to share good practices, showcase innovative case studies and solutions, and learn from one another.

Work with us and grow

Get advice from sustainability experts
In-depth evaluations of the environmental impact of your organisation and strategic advice for increasing sustainability.
Launch a virtual event
Develop a successful virtual event including marketing, promotion, live management and technical system design.
Promote your project
Digital marketing services, including copywriting, newsletter creation, PR, web design and social media strategy.
Book James Ellsmoor
Book award-winning entrepreneur and sustainability expert James Ellsmoor, our founder and Director, for speaking events or 1-1 coaching.
Train your team
Training workshops to accelerate the performance of your team, by sharing our expert knowledge and creating actionable solutions.
Academic reports, whitepapers and research
We take the time and stress out of high-level research and content creation that is diligently written to engage your chosen audience.

Learn more about our work

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different from other communications agencies?

Because of our insight and experience of helping create sustainable islands and build resilient island communities. We have access to a unique exchange of knowledge through our global network of more than 127,000 engaged members. Island Innovation is a trusted resource within island communities and only works with organisations which support our mission.

The Virtual Island Summit is one of the biggest online events for sustainable development in the world. In 2020, we had 176 international speakers, including Prime Ministers and Presidents, at the event and 4,800 public conversations on topics around island sustainability.

Which of your services is best for my organisation?

The most effective way to decide which of our services is the best fit is to get in touch with your specific requirements. 

Following this, we can then arrange a call or video meeting with you to discuss your goals in more detail and identify the best solution. Please contact us here.

My project is very niche, how can you provide advice?

The Island Innovation team delivers expert knowledge and experience related to a number of niche topics. Also, we have an engaged global island network, meaning that if we don’t have the experience in-house, we can help you identify the right experts for your project.

The best way to help with your project is to send an email through our contact page here. We will shortly be in touch to set up a call/video meeting to discuss your project.