About Us

Facilitating sustainable development and community-led change for islands worldwide

Our mission is to help drive sustainable development across islands worldwide.

We facilitate connections between island stakeholders and sustainable development practitioners across the globe to share knowledge and promote collaboration. 

By creating a support network, we smooth the way for developing innovative solutions to drive economic performance, ensure political stability and promote good governance, which improves the social and environmental conditions within island communities.

We understand the importance for the international community to start listening to people on islands and in Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

These communities have vital knowledge that can significantly help poorer nations and developed countries become more sustainable, and teach us all about how to live more harmoniously with the natural environment. 

Why Islands?

Islands make up only 5% of the Earth’s surface area, yet they are home to 20% of the world’s bird, reptile, and plant species, besides over 40% of highly endangered creatures. At the same time, island populations are constantly under pressure to develop their economies while building resilience to issues such as climate change and natural disasters. The lack of resources, visibility, and support can be challenges for islands to develop sustainably.

Many of the world’s most vulnerable islands are small, secluded, and frequently neglected. 

The four-pillar approach at Island Innovation ensures we engage all key stakeholders and consider the cumulative impact on citizens:


We aim to grow economic prosperity and quality of life in island communities by fostering innovation and more sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Political and Governance​

We help local island policymakers generate informed decisions to bring about transformative change, strengthen democratic institutions within islands, and revitalize international political partnerships to achieve the SDGs.​


We provide access to innovations and platforms that foster social bonds that hold communities together, including reducing inequalities within and among countries. Furthermore, we support NGOs, private companies and other social enterprises to ensure they succeed on their projects.​


An environmentally sustainable future is crucial for the well- being of all life on earth, so we strongly support green projects which protect, restore and promote sustainable use of the land, as well as blue projects which conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources.​

Our Media Platform

We deliver value to our clients through our expertise, experience and unique international perspectives. We can help you and your projects reach a new audience, by helping you to connect with our growing and engaged network.

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Island Innovation Team

Our culture is remote, our roots, global.

Our Team

Meet the people who make it all possible

Our team is a global community itself. We gather the best professionals worldwide and work effectively across time zones delivering projects in 4 different languages: English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

Island Innovation Careers

Join our team to support inspiring leaders and organizations that are working towards a better future.

Where we are in the world

We are a diverse team with a global impact

Giving visibility to projects worldwide

Our flagship event, the Virtual Island Summit, is one of the biggest events for sustainable development. Every year, it brings together over 10,000 stakeholders from around the world for a week-long virtual event covering every timezone.

Our Services

Island Innovation Agency

We are a full-service marketing and public relations agency which offers unique insights into islands and sustainability

Island Innovation Services

Amplify your impact, create new opportunities

Through our services, we support the growth of organizations that develop sustainability projects or invest in island regions. Our guidance ranges from strategic advice to project coordination. We consistently achieve excellent results for our clients, thanks to our highly experienced team and our extensive reach in the sustainability market.

Support founders and/or community leaders who want to positively impact the world. Align your brand with the most innovative projects driving sustainable development further.
We provide great media relations services to enhance your brand exposure. Through crafting an attractive narrative, producing and distributing press releases, and pitching journalists with stories, we spread the word about innovative organizations and their endeavors worldwide.
Virtual and hybrid events are ideal to promote your initiatives to a global audience. We are the only social enterprise to create bespoke events for organizations looking to connect with island communities and stakeholders.