Alexandra Lemus

About Alexandra Lemus

I am responsible for the website and graphic design at Island Innovation, that includes any promotional material for events and for the company. For our clients, I design the event logos, promotional packs, website/landing pages and social media content. In February 2019 I joined Island Innovation, and it is a wonderful experience. Working remotely is one of the best decisions that I made in my life, and meeting a fantastic team that thinks the same and shares the same values as companionship, teamwork and passion, has been really awesome.

I graduated as a Computer Technician in 2014, giving me the required knowledge for websites development for national and international clients. In 2016, I graduated as a Graphic Designer which gave me the additional tools and knowledge to help brands develop their vision. I also have digital marketing and email marketing knowledge and experience, which has allowed me to guide our clients.

I live in San Felipe, a small town inside a small state called Yaracuy, in Venezuela. We don’t have too much to do here, but one of my guilty pleasures is photography, and now painting, where I can vent my anxiety and stress. I have to say that working for a company that works helping islands to achieve sustainability all over the globe has made me dream to visit them all, and I think soon I’ll start with the islands close to me.

Secret skill: I enjoy painting sunsets and landscapes in oil, acrylic, and watercolors.

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