Accelerator Programs

Accelerator Programs

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Support founders and/or community leaders who
want to positively impact the world. Align your brand with the most innovative projects driving sustainable development further.

An Impact Accelerator is a program designed to support the work of change-makers.

Through education, mentorship and financing, we provide a platform to assist the growth of innovative companies or individuals that address sustainability issues in alignment with the United Nations SDGs.

What are the building elements of an Impact Accelerator?

An accelerator program usually takes 3-12 months, and is packed with activities that benefit the participants. The program covers both soft and technical skills, besides creating a network by connecting people that can potentially collaborate. Accelerators can be hosted online, in-person, or in hybrid formats.

The 4 pillars of an Impact Accelerator

Who is it for?


Social investment is a great way to promote economic growth, support public service delivery and encourage social innovation.

Non-profit organizations

Supporting the growth of innovative entrepreneurs or community leaders is an excellent way to amplify the impact of your organization.

Responsible corporations

To make progress on their commitments to corporate social responsibility and boost their R&D department.

What we offer

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It isn’t only about business, it’s about creating an impact in the region, for the society, environment and economy.

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The Island Innovation team delivers expert knowledge and experience related to a number of niche topics. Also, we have an engaged global island network, meaning that if we don’t have the experience in-house, we can help you identify the right experts for your project.
The most effective way to decide which of our services is the best fit is to get in touch with your specific requirements. Following this, we can then arrange a call or video meeting with you to discuss your goals in more detail and identify the best solution. Please contact us here.
Our expertise in sustainable development, community building and humanized communications makes us thrive in competitive markets. We have access to a unique exchange of knowledge through our global network of more than 130,000 engaged members. Island Innovation is a trusted resource within island communities and only works with organizations which support our mission.

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