Island Finance Forum

Investment for Sustainable Development

April 18th - April 19th, 2023

Island Finance Forum 2023

About The Event

The Island Finance Forum brings together senior financiers, development partners and regulators to share and exchange expertise on sustainable and inclusive financial structures in island communities. The Forum aims to highlight the unique financial challenges faced by global island communities and the solutions for sustainable economic recovery and inclusive growth in a post-pandemic world.

This free virtual event will be accessible to attendees from across the globe in a variety of interactive sessions, including networking opportunities to meet and exchange ideas face to face or in small groups. Attendees can choose which of the topics and sessions they actively participate in and after the event many will also watch and comment on the session recordings.

The Island Finance Forum will:

  • Bridge the gap between sustainable development practitioners and financial stakeholders.
  • Help island stakeholders access expert knowledge and financial opportunities available to them.
  • Showcase the economic opportunities available from investing in the sustainability sector on islands – particularly impact investing and ESG.
Island Finance Forum 2023

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Island Finance Forum 2023

Content Tracks

The Island Finance Forum 2023 will host six Content Tracks. Each Track is a learning path with sessions that will help you develop more in-depth knowledge about a specific topic and industry. By following specific Tracks you can join conversations and connect with the stakeholders that interest you the most.
Risk & Insurance
Insurance and risk financing provides a critical safety net, protecting assets, lives, and livelihoods from the impact of crises and increasing a government’s financial resilience against natural disasters.
Climate Finance
Climate finance is needed for mitigation and adaptation, as significant financial resources are required to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the adverse effects of a changing climate.
Renewable Energy Finance
Islands are good locations for testing new technologies of energy production and storage. Most islands have good renewable energy potential, often underused. Renewable energy solutions can be commercially appealing, resulting in significant cost savings.
Blue Economy
The health of our ocean is facing increasingly severe threats such as human-caused climate change, overfishing, and growing levels of pollution. For island communities, the ocean’s resources and opportunities are crucial in battling hunger, unemployment and promoting economic success.
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
Blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies can provide secure transactions, reduce compliance costs, and speed up data transfer processing. These ever-evolving sectors are a crucial opportunity for islands and remote territories.
Start-up Ecosystems
Start-up ecosystems are crucial to help position islands in an international context and boost sustainable growth. Start-ups frequently contribute to the development of the islands’ economies by bringing in three key characteristics: connectivity, competitiveness, and training.
Island Finance Forum 2023

Last Year's Speakers

This year speakers will be announced soon. In the meantime, if you are interested in speaking at the forum we are inviting you to fill our this form.

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