Island Finance Forum 2022

In a world that suffers recurring economic, social and environmental crises, the Island Finance Forum highlights the unique financial challenges island communities across the globe are facing. By promoting cross-sector collaboration, the Forum will emphasize the need for input and partnerships across the private, public, academic, and NGO sectors to unlock solutions for economic recovery and inclusive growth.

At the Island Finance Forum, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Bridge the gap between sustainability practitioners and the finance sector across islands territories in the Arctic, Caribbean, Europe, Indian Ocean, Pacific Islands, South America, and beyond
  • Understand the economic opportunities behind investing in renewable energy, ecotourism, blue economy, green construction, and more!
  • Access world-class sustainability leaders, banking and insurance experts, and people from around the world who seek to make both financial and social investments
  • Connect with islanders and learn more about their shared financial challenges and needs. Exchange knowledge and best practices to find potential solutions to implement.


Why sponsor the Island Finance Forum

Sponsoring the Island Finance Forum is the perfect way to connect and engage with decision-makers and opinion leaders from island markets from around the world.

Get the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with key stakeholders in the finance sector, local and national government representatives, private sector leaders, academic researchers, and NGOs.
Generate opportunities by demonstrating your industry knowledge and expertise on financial solutions that benefit island communities.
Expand your audience reach by engaging with geographically-diverse attendees. Build connections with prospects from many regions without the financial constrictions of travel.
Gain more insight into your ideal audience by having access to demographic and behavioral information. Gain clarity about the different customer personas that engage with your brand.


Audience in 2021

What our sponsors have to say about their experience:

“The Virtual Island Summit proved to be an excellent and efficient way to reach many of our key target audiences from customer and prospects to partners, investors and a diverse range of island stakeholders. We look forward to supporting this year’s conference in an even more meaningful capacity.”

Anil Srivastava, CEO of Leclanché


Benefits for sponsoring

  • Opportunities to speak and to moderate sessions
  • Learn about the main financial challenges and needs of islands across the globe
  • Demonstrate your expertise and industry knowledge internationally
  • Organize Q&As and networking sessions
  • Gain increased visibility by being mentioned in the event’s communications
  • Access data about the attendees and generate new business opportunities