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The inaugural Island Finance Forum brought together senior financiers, development partners, regulators, top-level island political leaders and other influential politicians, and business leaders to share and exchange expertise on sustainable and inclusive financial structures in island communities. 

The Forum helped to highlight the unique financial challenges faced by global island communities and the solutions for sustainable economic recovery and inclusive growth in a post-pandemic world.

(Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme)

With over 6,200 registrations and over 7,240 session views across all platforms, the Island Finance Forum is one of the biggest online events for island sustainability in the world. It is also an important complementary event to our annual Virtual Island Summit which itself had over 10,000 registrations at the 2020 edition. Representatives from islands across the world participated in the Forum from places as diverse as the Caribbean, Pacific, South America, Asia, Europe and beyond.

This four-day virtual event was accessible to attendees from across the globe in a variety of interactive sessions, including networking opportunities to meet and exchange ideas face to face or in small groups. Attendees were from a broad range of backgrounds representing entrepreneurs, the public sector, NGOs and academia.

  • Total registrations: 6,205 

Audience registered by region:


  • America: North America (USA, Canada, Mexico) + Central America + South America (excluding the Caribbean countries)
  • Pacific: PNG, Australia, New Zealand and all other Pacific Island Nations (except Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, that are grouped in Asia)

Top 20 Countries registered at the forum:

Average Statistics on IFF marketing emails:

  • New audience gained (non-Newsletter subscribers): 3,714

IFF Audience (25 emails):

  • Open Rate: 24.99%
  • Click Rate: 6.34%

Social Media Growth (during the week of the Forum):




  • 1,018 accounts reached

  • 283 content interactions

  • +20,6% follower boost


Company Page:

This event brought together sponsors and partners from many different locations around the world:

6 Sponsor Organisations

16 Partner Organisations

The Island Finance Forum included 67 speakers. They were as diverse as Prime Ministers, high-level government ministers, Ambassadors, founders of large and small companies, business leaders, academics and founders of non-profit organisations.

We accomplished all 3 main Island Finance Forum Goals:

  1. Connectivity: The Forum helped to bridge the gap between sustainable development practitioners and financial stakeholders.

2. Free access: It helped islanders to access expert knowledge and the financial opportunities available to them.

3. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Sessions at the Forum showcased the economic opportunities available from investing in the sustainability sector on islands – particularly impact investing and ESG.

Interaction, as well as continuity of the conversations, were also core aims of the IFF that we were able to achieve. Most of the sessions which were broadcast live via Zoom were characterised by attendees raising their questions to the panel of experts. Many sessions featured live polls where attendees could participate and provide relevant demographic information, and the chatbox allowed communication among attendees in addition to networking opportunities.

There were also daily networking sessions held on Remo in which attendees could discuss different topics on virtual tables in small groups or one on one.

Continuity of the conversations is important for talk to turn into action. The sessions covered a wide range of island-related financial topics and discussion does not need to end after the sessions have finished. Participants are encouraged to continue to interact with the Island Innovation community by using the Facebook Group and LinkedIn Group.

We are proud to have received an overwhelmingly positive response from participants for the Forum:

The Forum had a large global reach and was covered by several publications around the world including:

Leading experts offered diverse perspectives and solutions on pressing finance and sustainability issues:

Over 7,240 views across all sessions (via Zoom, Facebook and YouTube).

Financing a Blue-Green Recovery for the Caribbean (Roundtable)

New Opportunities to Access Capital and Investment for SMEs – Sponsored by NCB Capital Markets Ltd

Official Opening Plenary to the Island Finance Forum 2021

Investing in Transportation Electrification: Building the Business Case for E-Mobility – Sponsored by Nathan Associates

Economic Recovery and Inclusive Growth in a Post-Pandemic World: The Island Scenario

Pacific Islands Energy Roundtable (Invitation-Only) – Sponsored by Mana Pacific

Practical Applications of Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies for Sustainable Development on Islands

Financing the Green Energy Transition & Low-Carbon Infrastructure – Sponsored by CAMCO Clean Energy

Ministerial Roundtable – Economy and Sustainability for Global Islands

The Future of Innovative Finance Mechanisms for Ocean Conservation – Sponsored by Caribbean Biodiversity Fund

Debt and Access to Finance for Small Island Developing States in the Era of COVID-19 and Beyond

Insuring the Future – Creative solutions for risk management

Impact Investing and ESG – An Opportunity for Financing Sustainable Development on Islands?

Continue the conversations started at the Forum and keep in contact with fellow attendees with these networking opportunities: 

  • Virtual Island Summit 2021: Save the date for our next Virtual Island Summit, taking place 6-12th September 2021. 
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We look forward to your continued involvement in the Island Innovation community!

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