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Sharing Knowledge For Resilient, Sustainable And Prosperous Islands Worldwide.

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Connecting Islands for Positive Change

We are a global network that connects island stakeholders through digital communication and events. Our platform helps drive sustainable change across island and rural communities by sharing innovative projects and best practice. Island Innovation is a social enterprise that works with private sector companies, governments, universities, NGOs and utilities to connect them with the island stakeholders vital to the success of their sustainability projects.

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Virtual Island Summit 2022

Sharing Knowledge For Resilient, Sustainable And Prosperous Islands Worldwide

September 26th — October 2nd, 2022

Who we work with

Our aim is to help sustainable initiatives grow through increased visibility, improved branding and thought-leadership. Valuable connections and engagement between stakeholders are created through our green marketing campaigns and virtual events. When you work with Island Innovation you gain access to our growing community of sustainability leaders as well as our own connections and expertise. We work with the following types of organisations:

Sustainable and Green-Certified Companies
Connect with your target audience and achieve real growth
Island Governments
Drive positive change for your community and share thought leadership
Green finance/Green investors
Identify new investment opportunities and reach new audiences
NGOs and Community Groups
Increase your visibility through virtual events and project promotion
Share your research with island communities and collaborate with other stakeholders
Develop and accelerate innovative projects

How we help

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July 1, 2022 in Island Pavilion @ UN Ocean Conference, News, Press Coverage

UN Ocean Conference 2022: Closing Remarks and Commitments

Dire state of ocean’s health met with tide of pledges at UN Ocean Conference, as Lisbon Declaration launches new chapter for ocean action  Lisbon, Portugal,…
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July 1, 2022 in Insights, Island Pavilion @ UN Ocean Conference

Island Pavilion @ UN Ocean Conference: Interview with Karen Sack

Our CEO James Ellsmoor interviewed Karen Sack, Executive Director, Ocean Risk and Resilience Action Alliance, and CEO of Ocean Unite in the context of the…
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July 1, 2022 in Announcements, Island Pavilion @ UN Ocean Conference

Island Innovation, the Manuel Pinto da Costa Foundation and Coastal 8 host high-level reception in Lisbon

Island Innovation, the Manuel Pinto da Costa Foundation and Coastal 8 hosted a high-level reception in the historic Principe Real district of Lisbon last night.…
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March 29, 2022 in Contributors, Insights, SIDS

Actions Speak Louder than Words: What does it really mean in the Climate Crisis?

One of the most captivating speeches delivered to the international community in 2021 originated from the small island state located on the eastern Caribbean Island,…
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🏝️ Island Innovation, Fundação Manuel Pinto da Costa and Coastal 8 hosted a high-level reception in the historic Principe Real district of Lisbon last night.

💚 We are glad that many partners, colleagues and friends were able to join us and discuss #UNOC2022.

"A network of tunnels which would connect the Scottish islands is being “seriously thought about”, according to one UK MP.

But the project would not be cheap, with the Faroe Island scheme having cost up to €23.5 million per kilometre of tunnel."

🌊During the interview with our CEO @jellsmoor, the Minister of the Sea of the Government of Cape Verde 🇨🇻 outlined the strategy of the country in regards to keeping their sea open for investigation.

📺Watch the interview here:

#UNOC2022 #IslandEvents

Proud to support the Island Pavilion at the #UNOC2022 hosted by @IslandsInnovate, which ensures everyone has the opportunity to benefit from the discussions taking place on the future of the #ocean, especially those living on #islands and coastal areas💚

"She has had some wins with Fiji, Samoa and Tonga. Also, Australia assisted with the rapprochement at the Pacific Islands Forum, which has emerged reinvigorated after the stress test of the past year."

#SolomonIslands #Australia

Our CEO @jellsmoor interviewed the Hon. Abraão Vicente, Minister of the Sea, Culture and Creative Industries of the Government of Cape Verde in Lisbon.

If you missed the live interview, you can watch the replay here:

#UNOC2022 #IslandEvents

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