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A consultancy and advisory firm offering specialized services across various economic sectors. We bring together the private sector, government, utilities, NGOs and universities to advance innovation for sustainability and prosperity in islands worldwide.

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Sharing knowledge for resilient, sustainable and prosperous islands worldwide.


Island Innovation is a social enterprise that works with rural and island stakeholders and taps into our global network to find innovative and locally-appropriate opportunities. Islands worldwide face similar development challenges that can be approached using modern technology and sharing good practices.

We build digital bridges between far-flung islands to find the most innovative sustainability solutions.


We focus on innovation for sustainable and scalable impact. This includes prioritizing capacity building and local ownership of the outcomes, working with existing programs and local institutions. Our projects are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.


We apply a collaborative, inclusive approach that engages public, private, NGO and academic stakeholders to maximize impact. In small island communities, it is vital that all sectors are involved for projects to have the best outcomes.


We will avoid reinventing the wheel by applying lessons from good practices from similar environments worldwide. We use a smart approach with the latest technology, leveraging digital communication to bring in the best information regardless of location.


Strategic Communications and Digital Marketing

We provide communications and marketing planning and operations, specializing in sustainable development, energy and islands.

Sustainability Planning and Advisory

We help organizations to track and measure their environmental impact and find new strategies to build their sustainability.

Market Entry and Government Relations

We leverage our international network and expertise to help clients understand island markets and their opportunities and challenges.

Events Organization and Facilitation

We have a track record of branding, promotion, organizing programs, recruiting speakers, engaging sponsors and delivering a world-class event.

Workshops and Speaking

We offer expert workshops and guest lectures on social enterprise, the global challenges facing islands and the importance of sustainability.

Research, Media and Publications

We produce and promote high-level publications for any audience from whitepapers and market research to blogs and podcasts.


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Thematic Focus

Our work embraces the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and also include the following themes to bring about innovation in sustainability and development for island communities:


How can you best leverage digital communications?


How can you build a consistent and relatable brand?


How can you work with governments, companies, NGOs & academia?


How can you increase use of sustainable energy?


How can you efficiently provide a reliable water supply?


How can you increase local food supply?


How can you build resilient and smart infrastructure?


How can I protect and benefit from the blue economy?


How can you build a sustainable tourism industry?


How can you build a circular economy?

Our network across the public, private, utility, academic and NGO sectors allows us to find the most applicable good practices and latest innovative technology.

Our projects are led by our Founder James Ellsmoor and out internal team. We may also leverage our network of international consultants to find the best team for the task.

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