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Partnerships which promote research, learning and academic studies

Share your research with island and remote communities and collaborate with key stakeholders including our online community of over 127,000 people. We use our media platform to share relevant research and insights with those who can benefit most from it.

Previous work with universities and academic institutions includes successful virtual events, creating engaging content, and training teams on digital platforms.

How we can help

Become an Island Innovation Academic Partner

Academic partners are select institutions who hold the same values and mission as Island Innovation. You will be required to apply to become a partner and then must complete the qualification process. Upon successful completion you will be able to:

  • Collaborate with us to produce four pieces of content annually which will be promoted via our network
  • Benefit from content distribution to a newsletter audience of 25,000 subscribers and a network of over 127,000 
  • Distil and distribute key learnings from your research with the help of our content team
  • Create an Academic Partner profile on our website 
  • Apply to speak at key Island Innovation events

Useful resources

Case Studies

Water institute at UNC

Successful management and promotion of the 2020 UNC Water and Health Conference

Let’s work together

Our team of experts working together remotely across the world, create customised, bespoke services for our clients to help deliver and exceed the results you are looking for.

Launch a virtual event
Develop a successful virtual event including marketing, promotion, live management and technical system design.
Promote your project
Digital marketing services, including copywriting, newsletter creation, PR, web design and social media strategy.
Academic reports, whitepapers and research
We take the time and stress out of high-level research and content creation that is diligently written to engage your chosen audience.