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The Island Innovation Ambassador Program is a unique program that aims at building a network of skilled change makers across Island territories. The program provides essential training in areas such as climate change, climate finance, project implementation, and sustainability. Most importantly, the Island Ambassador Program hones the skills of future leaders committed to enhancing the resilience of island communities, ensuring a place in the global arena for islanders to collaborate and create vital solutions. The program gives Ambassadors the chance to ensure that the voices of their island communities are heard on the world stage.

world map showing the location of the Island Ambassadors in 2021

What is the Island Innovation Ambassador Program?

Island innovation is a social enterprise that seeks to explore sustainable and creative solutions to the issues experienced by island communities all over the world. These issues include food security, pollution, loss of biodiversity, and climate change adaptation.

The Island Ambassador Program organized by Island Innovation is structured in four phases. During the first phase, Ambassadors will focus on networking and creating new connections. They will also focus on and identify the issues and challenges that are specific to their communities, and work together to compile a report. That will give more visibility to the most relevant issues and SDGs of each region.

In the second phase, the focus will be on building skills that are complementary to the Ambassadors’ understanding of the events which will be presented at the Island Finance Forum. There will be training sessions about climate financing, and Ambassadors will be encouraged to participate in the Forum.

During the third phase, activities will be geared towards preparation for the Virtual Island Summit taking place at the end of September and into the beginning of October. The topics explored during the Virtual Island Summit include, among other things, Oceans & The Blue Economy, Sustainable Finance, Food Security, The Circular Economy, Climate Action, and Education & Social Issues. This is when the Ambassadors will have the chance to set up their local hubs. These hubs will provide a platform for the Ambassador to facilitate global conversation with members of their community.

In the fourth and final phase, the focus will be on COP27, and taking meaningful action in the face of climate change. The Ambassadors can optimize the well-deserved opportunity to apply the cumulative knowledge that they have gathered throughout the course of the program, and present themselves as changemakers and thought leaders.

Why you should become an Island Ambassador

Now, and perhaps more than at any other time in human history, we are facing a climatic and social tipping point. The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed that when we come together to focus on common visions, dreams and goals, we can face even the most gruesome of catastrophes with resilience and empathy.

Being an Island Ambassador provides you with the opportunity to bring members of your community together and create positive, tangible changes. The training exercises and networking opportunities will optimize your existing skill set, and cultivate talents you may never know that you possessed. Ultimately, becoming an Island Ambassador will help you to realize your potential as a community, regional and global leader.

How you can make a difference in your region

As part of the Island Ambassador Program, you will have the opportunity to collaborate regionally with fellow Ambassadors and discuss the problems affecting your community. This will lead to an improved perspective in relation to solving these issues. Most importantly, you will also be able to ensure that these solutions have the potential to create regional impact, by presenting them through interaction with regional leaders and policymakers at the Island Finance Forum and the Virtual Island Summit. The feedback provided will be instrumental in fine-tuning your vision, and making it even more ready to be implemented in ways that are meaningful.

Benefits for your island community

Representing your community as an Island Ambassador can prevent its members from feeling isolated from the global evolutions that impact our collective future. Ensuring consistent interaction with community members will encourage everyone to exchange knowledge, collaborate, and develop innovative solutions to shared challenges. This will result in a more hopeful and happy environment for everyone.

In your role as an Island Ambassador, you can empower and motivate your community to drive meaningful, long-lasting, sustainable change across various sectors. This, in turn, will craft a more resilient and sustainable future. By working together, the members of your communities can make their voices heard and achieve a more relevant position in the global arena.

It is important to have an inclusive approach, and ensure that the perspectives of marginalized members of your community are appreciated. This will form a firm foundation of transformation that will be meaningful to everyone, and encourage a strong sense of unity.

Benefits for yourself as an Ambassador

There are many benefits of becoming an Island Ambassador. These benefits can be cultivated and optimized throughout the course of your career, leading to long-lasting friendships, mentorships, and a multiplicity of opportunities.

You will have the chance to network with other ambassadors and sustainability experts from all over the world. These new connections will provide perspective and guidance that you can use throughout your life.

Also, you will have access to the monthly training programs which will be organized over the course of the program. These sessions will focus on topics such as climate financing, project management, public relations, sustainable tourism and building a sustainable business. You will gain invaluable career tips and guidance to help shape your future aspirations, and achieve your personal goals.

 online training session about sustainability for the Island Ambassadors

When you actively participate in the Ambassador program, you can also boost your online profile through contributing and sharing content, and being listed as an Ambassador on our website. You can draw attention to the various issues faced by your community, and create campaigns to raise awareness.

What does it take to become an Island Ambassador?

If you have an island connection, are passionate about islands, and motivated to help drive sustainable development, then you possess the characteristics necessary to be an Island Ambassador! There are no age restrictions, and you must be ready to commit to participating in meetings, training sessions and activities.

Testimonials from Our Ambassadors

We invite you to take a look at this video to hear about the experiences of our Ambassadors!


Now, more than ever, we need positive thought leaders who are motivated by hope and the desire to improve our collective destiny. The Island Ambassador Program is a wonderful way to have a positive impact on the world around you, and craft a more sustainable future. Through this program, you can help to shape a just and more equitable world for future generations.

Please click here to apply to the 2022 Island Ambassador Program. We look forward to receiving your application, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! We invite you to take a look at one of our live Question & Answer Sessions for more information.

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  • Lisa Howie says:

    I love your call to action. I own a virtual gallery and art fair. Do you have art/culture as an area of discourse? There’s an obvious link w some artist/ activists – I work with one, Meredith Andrews. But what’s the bigger picture on this area vis a vis Island Innovation? Looking forward to your thoughts.

  • Melvyn Mota says:

    I am collaborator as energy ambassador for the magazina Energy Journal
    Dominican Republic

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